European Affairs

The European Affairs thematic priority encompasses a number of projects where through in-depth research of economic and political change, and trends of perception and stereotypes in the context of EU accession are monitored and assessed, while we play the vital role in fostering debate and developing tools to support EU accession. 

We produce research that determines the changes harmonisation with specific EU Policies creates and enables public participation in policy making and in accession negotiations. We produce research reports, articles, and summary briefs tailored to the needs of different audiences. We host public events and private briefings to make our findings as accessible as possible and to ensure the information we uncover reaches citizens and policymakers who need it most.




#IIO podcast 005 Image Observatory 2023 with Ivana Jordanovska
#IIO podcast 004 Main findings of Image Observatory 2023
#IIO podcast 003 Conversation with Demijan Hadzi-Angelkovski
#NorthMacedonia2023 podcast 001 Conversation with Bojan Marichikj with Vesna Shapkoski, Lea Ognjanoska and Kristijan Fidanovski