#DiplomaticRoux 003

DIPLOMATIC ROUX is a podcast series of the PRESPA Institute, produced within the Untapped Expertise project, which the institute implements through a financial partnership with the Embassy of Canada in the Republic of North Macedonia and the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives. The podcast aims to contribute to the promotion of the concept of Feminist Foreign Policy, clarifying the differences between feminist foreign policy and gender equality, that is, between feminist foreign policy and the participation of women in diplomacy. Additionally, the podcast contributes to improving public perception of women’s expertise in the field.

In the podcast series, we talk with the members of the Feminist Foreign Policy Working Group, the participants in the mentoring program implemented within the project, as well as with other interlocutors, and in today’s episode 003 we talk with Olimpija Hristova Zaevska, M.A. – Doctoral student at Copenhagen Business School, founder of Elson Solutions – a consulting company in the field of economic development policies and energy and a member of the working group for feminist foreign and security policy.

Listen to the episode in Macedonian.