Thinking and Working Together

Bilateral relations between North Macedonia and Spain reached their peak on July 31, 2022, when Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez Perez-Castejon visited North Macedonia and met with Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and President Stevo Pendarovski. It was the first visit of a Spanish Prime Minister to North Macedonia since its independence in 1991. The visit […]



NEXUS MK is a report on the research conducted within the project of the same name supported by the International Republican Institute. The purpose of the research was to answer two main questions: 1) What attitudes do the citizens of North Macedonia have regarding the various foreign relations? and 2) What type of disinformation material […]

#IIO Podcast 5

#IIO podcast 004 Image Observatory 2023 with Ivana Jordanovska

Pooling of female expertise on Foreign and Security Policy

Following its own research conducted under the Europeanisation and Democratisation thematic priority, PRESPA Institute started the project pooling of female expertise on Foreign and Security Policy. As a result, a Working group of women experts on Foreign and Security Policy was established. Ms. Ivana Jordanovska M.Sc., Senior Research Fellow of PRESPA Institute coordinates the effort […]

Impact and Image Observatory

The Impact and Image Observatory (#IIO) by the PRESPA Institute, is a permanent project from the thematic area Foreign Policy and International Relations. Active since 2020, this project includes two components: the International Impact Index (#3IIndex) and the Image Observatory (#ImageObservatory). The #3iIndex is a synthetic index, which orders, quantifies, and aggregates the presence of […]

#IIO Podcast 001

#IIO Podcast 001
Conversation with professor Nenad Markovikj Ph.D.