Pooling of female expertise on Foreign and Security Policy

Following its own research conducted under the Europeanisation and Democratisation thematic priority, PRESPA Institute started the project pooling of female expertise on Foreign and Security Policy. As a result, a Working group of women experts on Foreign and Security Policy was established. Ms. Ivana Jordanovska M.Sc., Senior Research Fellow of PRESPA Institute coordinates the effort […]

Impact and Image Observatory

The Impact and Image Observatory (#IIO) by the PRESPA Institute, is a permanent project from the thematic area Foreign Policy and International Relations. Active since 2020, this project includes two components: the International Impact Index (#3IIndex) and the Image Observatory (#ImageObservatory). The #3iIndex is a synthetic index, which orders, quantifies, and aggregates the presence of […]

#IIO Podcast 001

#IIO Podcast 001
Conversation with professor Nenad Markovikj Ph.D.

“Ten + One” important questions about the Russian Invasion

This analysis represents a joint attempt by the members of the Working Group of Experts on Foreign and Security Policy and the executive director of the PRESPA Institute to answer ten plus one important questions related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the effect on Europe, but also on North Macedonia.

Alexandropolic – Gasification of North Macedonia

“Alexandropolis – Gasification of North Macedonia” is a research report on the market conditions and potentials that the gasification of North Macedonia may have in the future, as well as the possible geopolitical impacts of its introduction. The authors of the research are Jovana Petkovska, Junior Researcher and Communication Specialist and Darko Gjorgjioski, Assistant Researcher […]

PRESPA Institute’s International Impact Index

“Facing Stable Democracies or an Taking a Path Unaligned Trajectory Road” is a Research Report for the 2019 International Impact Index featuring the observed countries and their presence within the Republic of North Macedonia. The authors of the report are Andreja Stojkovski, Senior Researcher and Executive Director at the PRESPA Institute, Diana Zhupanoska, Senior Researcher […]