Financial Transparency

PRESPA Institute operates by virtue of the provisions of the Law on Associations and Foundations (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia 55/2010, 135/2011 and 55/2016), the Law on Accounting of Non-Profit Organizations (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia 24/2003). Additionally, the Managing Board of the Institute has approved a strict set of Operations Policies on the principles of governance, the work of the Managing Board, Procurement Procedures, Human Resources Management, Financial Operations, Employer and Employee Conduct Policy, Employment Benefits, etc.

The Authorized Accountant elaborates the Annual Balance of Accounts, which is then approved by the Board and Assembly members prior to being submitted to the Public Revenue Office. Additionally, an Annual Report is elaborated by the Executive Office and approved by the Board and Assembly members. Once approved, the Annual Report is published on the Institute’s website.

Overview of grants received by donor, and participation of each donor

Annual Reports of PRESPA Institute