#NorthMacedonia2023 Podcast 001

#NorthMacedonia2023 podcast 001
Conversation with Bojan Marichikj with Vesna Shapkoski, Lea Ognjanoska and Kristijan Fidanovski

Budget Mainstreaming

The methodology for Climate Mainstreaming of the Budget or in English Climate Mainstreaming should enable Civil Society in the Republic of North Macedonia to identify and monitor the portion of the State Budget, which represents spending relevant to climate action. In continuation of the methodology, a pilot analysis of the Budget of the Republic of […]

Strategic Response

Strategic response, is an analysis of the recommendations of the European Commission for the next reform steps for North Macedonia as stated in the Country Reports from 2019 to 2022, as well as an analysis of the coherence of the reforms with the recommendations, but also with the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans and […]

Climate Mainstreaming for Just Transition

Extending the work on the Twin, Green and Digital Transformation of North Macedonia and the cooperation with the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, the project “Climate Mainstreaming for Just Transition” aims to contribute to the harmonization with the Green Agenda of the European Union, as well as to the accession of North Macedonia to the […]

EU Observatory

The “EU Observatory” represents the first of the cooperation with the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia and comprises three phases of activities undertaken to meet three specific short-term objectives: to analyse the negotiation framework for North Macedonia, as well as the proposals of the member states for its modification; to analyse the structure for EU […]