#NorthMacedonia2023 Podcast 002

PRESPA Institute’s podcast series “North Macedonia in 2023” is our contribution to the analysis of the year that we are venturing into, the challenges that the country will meet or the opportunities that we will have in the areas of our interest. In this episode we will discuss the topic Interests, Cooperation and Human Security, while looking into the following specific issues:

  • How much does our Foreign Policy serve the economic interests of the country;
  • How can cooperation and the alliance contribute to the desired or expected economic development;
  • Human Security as opposed to State Security and how to achieve it;
  • Transformation from an activity of International Relations to being active in International Relations;
  • The place of the individual in the contemporary World order.

This episode is a conversation with our special guest Foreign Minister, Mr. Bujar Osmani Ph.D. During this year, 2023, Minister Osmani is the Chairman in Office of OSCE as representative of North Macedonia and Chairman of the Adriatic Charter.

Together with Minister Osmani we have in the panel Vesna Shapkoski, a student of Doctoral Studies at the University St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola and a member of the Working Group of women experts on Foreign and Security Policy of PRESPA Institute.

This podcast is recorded in Macedonian. For a transcript in English, please check the posts in the Blog Section of the website.