Pooling of female expertise on Foreign and Security Policy

Following its own research conducted under the Europeanisation and Democratisation thematic priority, PRESPA Institute started the project pooling of female expertise on Foreign and Security Policy. As a result, a Working group of women experts on Foreign and Security Policy was established. Ms. Ivana Jordanovska M.Sc., Senior Research Fellow of PRESPA Institute coordinates the effort and chairs the working group, while professor Vesna Poposka Ph.D., Ms. Vesna Shapkoski M.Sc. and Ms. Angelina Cvetkovska are the first active members.

The working group and its members will share thoughts and expertise on specific research under various projects of the institute, but also gain access to data set and benefit briefings, lectures and conferences, as well as networking events. All registered experts are invited to participate in development of resources for further research and analysis, as well as for production of studies and reports on foreign and security policy.

To register for the Working Group please use the following link.