PRESPA #PoliticalReport 001

The PRESPA Political Report is a project initiative in which PRESPA Institute collaborates with Blink Marketing and Media and collects and analyzes longitudinal data on elections, data on public discourse and sentiment among citizens, as well as data on the electoral performance of political parties. that is, data from quantitative research on the mood of the citizens and their intention to participate in the elections. Through the PRESPA Political Report, a computer model is created to monitor elections, electoral process disturbances and voter behavior. The main goal of the model is to determine flaws and abuse of the electoral process, and for the purposes of making the project more interesting and contributing to the monitoring of the elections, we also presented ElektoMetar as a type of control panel that represents the basic and enables further analysis .
This is podcast 1 of the PRESPA Political Report, in which we speak with Demian Hadzi-Angelkovski, an external fellow and researcher at the institute and manager of Blink.

Listen to the episode in Macedonian.