3I Index

Prespa Institute is currently implementing our first research project, International Impact Index or 3I Index, financed by USAID through their North Macedonia Support Initiative.

The 3I Index is conceptualized as a synthetic index that orders, quantifies, and aggregates the presence of different countries in North Macedonia. The index will be calculated based on objective and publicly available data. Its purpose won’t be to ascertain how a country is perceived by the public in North Macedonia, but to discover the effective presence of different countries regardless of their reputation or image.

The index will measure both the quantitative aspects of a country’s presence and its qualitative nature. The 3I Report will conceptualize Globalization and Europeanization and help in understanding Foreign Policy. Therefore, one of the functions of the Index is to analyze trends of presence, rise or decline of countries, and the greater or lesser prominence of soft versus hard presence. Presence is divided into three dimensions: economic, political, and soft presence which in turn will be composed of variables of differing nature.

Through the 3I Report the Prespa Institute will answer the question: to what extent and in what form are countries present ‘out there’, within the borders of North Macedonia, regardless of whether they are exerting real influence or power?

The presence will be measured annually, and the findings will be published in a report and visualized on a web platform.